Monday, October 13, 2014

Why Use GatorLoy Edgers?

Before we get into "Why use GatorLoy Edgers" we need to explain what GatorLoy is.

Gator Tools offers the construction industry concrete finishing tools that make sense, simplify and give you that "aha" moment as to why our tools are made the way they are, most of our tools have at least one thing in common...GatorLoy.  What is GatorLoy you ask?  GatorLoy is the proprietary alloy developed by Gator Concrete Tools, a light-weight, non-ferrous alloy, which offers superior strength and hardness, and exhibits excellent corrosion resistance in a wide-variety of environments.  Other features include:

  • Excellent wear resistance
  • Reduces the trapping of bleed water
  • Harder and stronger than many common concrete tools
  • Recommended for air entrained concrete
  • Reduces surface closure
In addition, GatorLoy was developed to correctly finish the concrete surface by floating the stones down, while bringing the creme during the surface during the floating stage of the concrete finishing process.  Leaving the finisher with a smooth, near-perfect surface.  

GatorLoy Edgers serve a dual purpose, it edges while is floats!  That's right, GatorLoy Edgers allow the concrete finisher to edge the concrete and float down the stones and bring the creme to the surface during the same finishing step.  GatorLoy does not seal the surface of the concrete while edging/floating but leaves it open allowing the bleed water to escape avoiding concrete "popping" down the road, which can be common.

So why choose GatorLoy Edgers from Gator Tools? Choose a tool that serves a dual purpose; float while edging all in one step, keep the surface of the concrete open allowing the bleed water to escape ensuring a near-perfect smooth finish and use the brand that contractors have come to know and appreciate... Gator Concrete Tools.

Did we forget to mention that ALL Gator Tool are made in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA?  Gator Tools is committed to the support of American Manufacturing and the American Worker which is why Gator Tools is designed, fabricated, and assembled in Milwaukee, WI.  

Want to see GatorLoy Edgers in use?  Check out our Edger video on the Gator Tool YouTube Channel by clicking here, or click here to view it on our website and then visit our edger page on our website to find the edger of your choice.

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Corrosion Resistant Concrete Edgers from Gator Tools

Gator Glide™ Nickel Satin Chromium Edgers

Nickel Satin Chromium Hand Edgers
Ultra Tough Poly Handle
Won't Chip, Gouge, or Peel!
"The Feel of Wood, the Toughness of Poly"

Nickel Satin Chromium Walking Edgers
Walking Edgers include bracket!  Your choice of
Ultra Twist Pivoting Head  or
Fixed Adjustable Head!