Tuesday, February 24, 2015

5 Things You Didn't Know About Gator Tool Trowels

Did you know these 5 things about Gator Tool Ultra-Flex Concrete
Finishing Trowels with Triple R Technology?

Gator Tool Ultra-Flex Finishing Trowel with Triple R Technology

1. Did you know...
    Gator Glide Ultra Flex Finishing Trowel's GatorLoy mounting bracket is so strong that it can      
    support your body weight while finishing?  See for yourself below!


2. Did you know...
    Gator Tool's "Triple R Technology" (Recessed, Rotary, Rivet Technology), means that the trowel
    rivets are counter-sunk below the surface of the blade and you actually have to wear down the      
    blade before you ever even reach the surface of the rivet!  Unlike other brands, we do not smooth
    or grind down the bottom of the trowel to make the blade flush with the rivet, compromising the
    strength and integrity of the rivet, eliminating rivet "popping" after extended use.
Bottom of Gator Glide Ultra-Flex Finishing Trowel

3. Did you know...
    Gator Tools precisely forms and sets the corners of each and every trowel before being shipped out     to our customers, so you don't have to! Gator Glide Ultra Flex Finishing Trowels are ready to go    
    out of the box!

4. Did you know...
    Gator Tools manufactures and sells 191 different trowels, which includes 3 different materials, 6 
    different shapes, and just about every size!

5. Did you know...
    Every Gator Tool Ultra-Flex Finishing Trowel is Proudly Made in the U.S.A.! 
    Made by U.S. Workers from U.S. Materials

Monday, February 23, 2015

We want to hear from our loyal Gator Tool Customers...

We want to hear from our Gator Tool Customers...

What was most important to you when choosing your Gator Concrete Tool?

Use the comment section to post!

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Concrete Tools - Aluminum Handles

Our Customers say... 

"Simply the finest snap button poles in the industry"

Gator Glide Concrete Bull Float Snap Button Extension Pole Handles are produced from high quality hardened aluminum and coated with an ultra tough baked on finish.

1-3/4" Snap Button Poles
1-3/4" Poles available in sizes:
6 ft length
10 ft length
12 ft length

1-3/8" Poles available in 6 ft length
 Snap Button Poles

Friday, January 16, 2015

Gator: Takes a Bite out of Magnesium, Why you should be using Gator Concrete Tools

Are you one of the many Gator Concrete Tools users that say our tools are heavier?

Well that's because they ARE! 

And that's precisely why YOU should be using Gator Concrete Tools!

Gator Concrete Tools are Built Heavier, Built Stronger, and Built to Last Longer!

Built Heavier...

Finishing concrete is no easy feat as any concrete finisher will tell you: it's strenuous, it takes precision, and it's physically demanding.  Finishers must work quickly and effectively to pour, place, and finish correctly the first time around, there is no do-over.  Gator Concrete Tools are built heavier, and contrary to what you might believe a lighter tool isn't better, heavier is better.  Gator Tools has consistently delivered to our customers the same great product over and over again and you won't see our tools getting any lighter!  When working with a mix that can weigh up to 150 pounds per cubic foot or over 4000 pounds per cubic yard, of course you want a tool that is heavier and can withstand the demanding job of concrete finishing - simply put: let your concrete tool do the work!  Gator Tools are heavier because they are made from a high- strength, quality alloy, where there is definitely no skimping in tool material. Lighter and Cheaper is NOT better.

Built Stronger...

Gator Tools proprietary alloy GatorLoy, is a non-ferrous alloy, which offers superior strength and hardness, and exhibits excellent corrosion resistance in a wide-variety of environments

  • Excellent wear resistance
  • Reduces the trapping of bleed water
  • Harder and stronger than many common concrete tools
  • Recommended for air entrained concrete
  • Reduces surface closure
Take a look at the charts below and see how Gator Tools alloy GatorLoy, compares to the material used in some of the tools you may be used to using, you'll be surprised by the results!
GatorLoy Hardness

GatorLoy Strength

Built to Last Longer...

Remember when we told you lighter and cheaper were NOT better? Well wouldn't it be great if you spent more time getting the job done and less time replacing your tools? More time getting the job done, and less time replacing tools means more money in your pocket! What if we told you that every Gator Tool has such excellent wear resistance that you need to replace them less often.  Sounds great doesn't it? Well it's true, Gator Tools are built heavier, built stronger, and built to last longer! Gator Tools extraordinary attention to product excellence, customer satisfaction, and stringent manufacturing requirements ensure that all of our customers receive professional and quality tools at a great price, which we know you expect.


By now we are confident you have heard our strong message of our company's never ending commitment to American Manufacturing.  Today, more than ever, this message couldn't be more important.  When we say Made in the U.S.A.... We Absolutely MEAN MADE IN THE U.S.A.! Made by U.S. Workers from U.S. Materials, ALL Gator Concrete Tools are designed, fabricated, and assembled in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Support American Manufacturing and buy your next concrete finishing tool from Gator Tools, and support our message of PROUDLY MADE IN THE U.S.A.!

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Concrete Tools - Hand Float


 Hand Floats

  • GatorLoy blades are non-painted, naturally finished, "broken in", and ready for use
  • Recommended for air entrained concrete
  • Reduces the trapping of bleed water
  • Harder and stronger than Magnesium!
  • Ultra Tough Poly handle won't chip, gouge, or peel. "The feel of wood, the toughness of poly"

Monday, January 5, 2015

Concrete Tools - Bull Float, Channel Float, Walking Trowel (Fresno) Kits

The fastest most economical way to get your tools to the work site!  Gator Glide Float and Trowel Kits only from Gator Tools!

Gator Glide Bull Float Kit

Gator Glide Channel Float Kit

Gator Glide Walking Trowel (Fresno) Kit

Each Float & Trowel Kit comes complete with:

  • Gator Glide Adjustable Leveling Head
  • Light-weight Channel Float Blade, Bull Float Blade, or Walking Trowel Blade
  • Four 6 foot Snap Button Poles
  • Heavy Duty Carrying Case

Concrete Tools - Check Rod 1 x 2 Double Ultra Edge Kit

1 x 2 Double Ultra Edge Kit - Concrete Check Rod from Gator Concrete Tools is
Ultra Light and Ultra Strong and ensures accuracy while checking your work, lends itself to the strict requirements given by the DOT.

  • Made from Ultra Light, Ultra Strong GatorLoy
  • Metal End Caps keep the concrete out and protect the ends
  • Braces assemble and disassemble quickly and easily with quick connect
  • Includes Mini Adjustable Leveling Head
  • Ensures accuracy while checking your work

Gator Glide 1 x 2 Double Ultra Edge - Concrete Check Rod
Ultra Edge - Check Rod Cut-Away View