Monday, December 22, 2014

Concrete Tools - Light Weight Fresno Trowel

You'll be totally impressed with the Gator Concrete Tools Light-Weight Walking Trowel (Fresno Trowel) made from precision stainless steel!

Gator Glide Square End Light-Weight Walking Trowel - Fresno Trowel

Gator Glide Round End Light-Weight Walking Trowel - Fresno Trowel

Gator Glide Light-Weight Walking Trowels boast two stiffening ribs that keep the trowel edge flat and straight!  You can only find these trowels with Triple R Technology from Gator Concrete Tools!

Our light-weight walking trowels can be purchased as a blade only with our unique Universal Mounting Bracket (as shown above) or with the other float & trowel brackets offered from Gator Tools.  All Fresno Trowels are available in round end or square end!

Round End Walking (Fresno) Trowel with Adjustable Leveling Head

Round End Walking (Fresno) Trowel with Fixed Adjustable Head

Round End Walking (Fresno) Trowel with Ultra Twist Pivoting Head

Square End Walking (Fresno) Trowel with Adjustable Leveling Head

Square End Walking (Fresno) Trowel with Fixed Adjustable Head

Square End Walking (Fresno) Trowel with Ultra Twist Pivoting Head

Concrete Tools - Bull Float, Channel Float, Darbies, Screeds, Trowels, Edgers, Groovers and Paving Tools MADE IN THE USA

Is American Made important to you?  It is to us!  That is why ALL Gator Concrete Tools are made in the USA!

From our Poles, Brackets and Accessories to our Screeds, Floats, Darbies, Edgers, Groovers, Trowels and Paving Tools, Gator Tools is your source for American Made Concrete Tools that are Built Heaver, Built Stronger, and Built to Last Longer!

Concrete Tools - Channel Floats

Gator Glide Concrete Channel Floats have four stiffening ribs for added stability and support!

Concrete Channel Float

  • Extra-wide rib spacing for added stability
  • Four stiffening ribs run the full length of the blade 
  • Adjustable Leveling Head (Float & Trowel Bracket) bolts directly to center ribs, a lower profile allows for better control
  • Excellent stability
  • Stays straighter, lasts longer
  • Non-painted, "broken in", and ready for use
  • Harder and stronger than magnesium
  • All concrete channel float blades include Universal Mounting Bracket (use with any manufacturers bull float or channel float bracket)
  • 4 foot, 6 foot, 8 foot, and 10 foot blade lengths

Concrete Channel Floats available with the following bracket options:

Gator Glide Adjustable Leveling Head (Channel Float & Bull Float Bracket)

Gator Glide Fixed Adjustable 4 bolt Head
Gator Glide Ultra Twist Pivoting Head

Gator Glide Channel Float Blade Only with Universal Mounting Bracket

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Concrete Tools - Screeds

"Simply the Toughest, Strongest, Concrete Screed in the Industry"

Gator Glide Diamond XX Concrete Screed Boards

Constructed with a unique Diamond XX patterns Gator Glide Screeds are built to handle the toughest jobs:

Concrete Screed - Diamond XX

Concrete Screed - Diamond XX
1 x 4, 1 1/2 x 3 1/2, 2 x 4, 2 x 5

Built to handle the toughest jobs
Diamond XX pattern reduces bending and twisting
Made from Ultra Light, Ultra Strong GatorLoy
Metal end caps keep the concrete out and protect the ends

Made from GatorLoy, which is tougher, stronger, and harder than Magnesium, Gator Glide Diamond XX Screeds will maintain their straightness in the most demanding applications. Diamond XX Screeds last longer and will give you trouble free service.

Gator Glide Screeds are manufactured to our most stringent requirements and are packaged to get to our customers safely and defect-free.

Sizes include:

Concrete Tools - Channel Float and Paving Tool Out Riggers, Braces

Gator Glide Ultra Brace Out Riggers are designed and built for today's demanding work environments.

Each component is made from a high-strength hardened aluminum alloy to give the user the strength and rigidity needed for:

         (all sold separately)

Ultra Brace Out Riggers can be assembled in a matter of minutes

  • Ultra Strong hardened aluminum
  • Ultra tough baked on coating
  • Quick assembly and disassembly with quick-change swivel mounts
  • Includes all brackets and mounting hardware
  • Ultra Rigid for the most demanding applications
  • Fits 1-3/4" diameter Snap Button Poles (sold separately)
  • Precision swivel sleeve for smooth, rigid & trouble free operation 

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Tool Cleaner, Conditioner, and General Purpose Lubricant

Make your tool clean-up easier with Gator Skin by Gator Concrete Tools!

Perfect for hand tools, walking tools, power tools and rental tools!

  • Protect your investment and keep your tools in like-new condition
  • Save time during clean-up, concrete, dirt, and debris washes away
  • Spray tool surface before use to save time during clean-up by reducing the amount of concrete that stick to your tools
  • Spray on tool surface after use to protect against rust & corrosion
  • Gator Skin is blended to disburse evenly and adhere to the surface being protected
  • Great as a general purpose lubricant, conditioner, and non-stick surface spray and safe on most metal, plastic, and rubber surfaces!  Many uses!
  • Lubricate moving parts on hand tools, walking tools, and power tools for continued easy non-fuss operation
Available in your choice of 32 oz Spray Bottles or 1 Gallon Bottles (also available in case quantities)

Gator Skin Tool Cleaner, Conditioner and General Purpose Lubricant

Trowels - Concrete Finishing Tools

Ultra Flex Concrete Finishing Trowels with Triple R Technology only from Gator Concrete Tools

Concrete Finishing Trowel

  • Ultra Strong GatorLoy Bracket
  • Ultra Tough Poly Handle
  • "The Feel of wood handle, with the Toughness of Poly"
  • Perfect pre-set corners are precisely formed to reduce finishing lines in concrete

Concrete Finishing Hand Trowel

  • Triple R Technology (Recessed Rotary Rivet Technology)
  • Rivets are precisely machined slightly below the surface of the blade (eliminating cross grinding marks)
  • Keeps rivets away from work surface as the blade wears
  • Extra large rivet head
  • Ultra smooth rotary polished finished, no cross grinding marks