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Floating Concrete? Your Guide to Choosing the Right Tool.

Floating concrete: The guide to help you choose the right tool.
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Channel Float or Bull Float,
Round vs Square

How do you choose?

Use this guide to help you choose your next Gator Channel Float or Bull Float and when to choose round or square ends.

Channel Float or Bull Float?

Bull floats and Channel floats appear similar, so what's the difference?  When would you choose one over the other?

Basically it comes down to the type of application and the amount of concrete being finished.

First lets identify the similarities and differences between the two:

Gator Bull Floats and Channel Floats both have four stiffening ribs which run the full-length of the blade keeping it straight and rigid, exhibiting excellent stability.  

Floats of all kinds are used to cut high spots, fill low spots and voids, while leveling and smoothing the concrete. The floating process also embeds the concrete aggregates while bringing the concrete mortar or paste to the surface.

Floating should be done immediately after screeding. 
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Bull Floats
Bull floats are available in blade lengths of 24" to 60" and come in handy when the area is too large to use a darby but not large enough for a channel float.  The ideal application for bull floats is for finishing areas of concrete such as driveways, patios, walkways and sidewalks.  
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Channel Floats
Channel floats come in blade lengths of 4 ft - 10 ft and are best suited for larger areas of concrete such as large driveways, warehouse floors and roads.  Channel floats have higher side channels compared to  bull floats which create stability and can handle the excess concrete being pushed. These types of applications generally require extremely flat and level surfaces which are judged by "F" numbers, often referred to as FF/FL. The higher the "F" number the more flat and level the floor.  Gator Channel Floats are an excellent tool to achieve these strict "F" number requirements and are equipped with two extra stiffening ribs within the channel resulting in a straight and stable float.
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Round vs Square

What is ultimately comes down to is user preference. Round end finishing tools are less likely to leave finishing lines or lap marks in the concrete and are generally easier to use.  They also are known to be easier to use in tight spaces.

Getting your tools to the work site has never been easier

Channel Floats and Bull Floats are only one part of the equation. Their use requires an Adjustable Leveling Head Bracket and poles. With so many finishing tools to transport to and from the job site, make transporting your floating tools a little bit easier with the Gator Glide Float and Trowel Kit.

Each kit includes
  • Bull Float, Channel Float, or Walking (Fresno) Trowel in the length and shape of your choice
  • Four 1-3/4" x 6'(ft) Snap Button Extension Poles
  • Gator Glide Adjustable Leveling Head Float and Trowel Bracket
  • Heavy Duty PVC Carrying Case

This tool really is the fastest most economical way to get tools to the work site not to mention, items sold separately simply cannot beat the price of our kits which are sold as one item.
Float and Trowel Kits
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Thursday, May 26, 2016

Concrete Has Evolved and so Should Your Tools

INNOVATION, NEW, EXCITING, that's what you're looking for isn't it?
Concrete tools built tough, like the people who use them
|Gator Tool - Concrete Tools||
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                                         Concrete Tools & Accessories
GatorSkin Tool Protector Conditioner and Lubricant
Innovation... that's the name of the game folks.  If you are a contractor who likes new and exciting tools, and a supplier who does the homework for you, then keep reading. 

Concrete is the number one most widely-used, man-made material in the world and the most consumed substance behind water.  Its use dates all the way back to 500 B.C. and it sure has come a long way. Look at all of the awesome uses not only for exterior finishes but beautiful interior finishes as well. 

Concrete has evolved...and so should your tools.

Gator Tools is where it's at, with a full line of professional, high-quality, 100% U.S. made concrete tools.  
Not your ordinary float and trowel bracket
Talk about high-quality, look at the  Gator Glide Adjustable Leveling Head (Float and Trowel Bracket).

Chains? No way...

Gearing is housed internally with high-strength aluminum construction and bronze and stainless steel components, this is one ultra-rigid tool and perfectly pairs with channel floats, bull floats, walking trowels, and paving tools.  Protected under U.S. Patent, there is only one of its kind, and you can only find it from Gator Tools. 

Want to know more? We thought so, continue reading here to see just what makes this Adjustable Leveling Head so unique and so innovative.
Finally... a float and holster
Conveniently take your float with you, you know you always need it!

Gator Tool All Product Video from
Check out this video to see contractors using Gator Tools
Gator Tools is committed to the support American Manufacturing and the American Worker.  

Don't be fooled by those who slap an American flag on their products and call it Made in the U.S.A.  Proudly Made in the U.S.A. means something to us, it means the support of American Manufacturing, the American Worker, and the American economy by using one-hundred percent U.S. content.  

When we say Made in the U.S.A., we MEAN it. ALL Gator Tools are designed, fabricated, assembled, and shipped from Milwaukee, Wisconsin.


Choose Gator Tools for concrete finishing

Made in the U.S.A.!

Support American Manufacturing and the American Worker.

Gator Tools is committed to producing products in the U.S.A. with 100% U.S. content.  Every Gator Tool purchased supports American Manufacturing and the American Worker.
Gator Tools are designed to stay straighter and last longer.
For example just take a look at these Gator Glide Channel Floats

FOUR STIFFENING RIBS with extra-wide rib spacing run the full length of the tool for added stability, the adjustable leveling head bolts directly to those center ribs providing the finisher better control of the tool.  This "beefy" tool is great for achieving your "F" numbers!

Same idea for Gator Glide Bull Floats

Take a look at the two stiffening ribs that keeps the edges flat and straight!

Waviness won't be an issue with these Walking (Fresno) Trowels

We've saved the best for last

Get your hands on one of the most sought after Gator Tool products!

Gator Glide Float and Trowel Kit

Easily transport, organize, and protect everything you need for floating and troweling to the work site

Comes complete with
  • Bull Float, Channel Float or Walking Trowel in the length of your choice
  • Four Snap Button Extension Poles
  • Gator Glide Adjustable Leveling Head
  • Heavy Duty PVC Carrying Case
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